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Frequently asked questions

What is the fee for using Beer RAM?

Beer RAM is offered free of charge! Just sign up and start remembering what your drinking.

Can I publish my ratings to Facebook and Twitter?

You most certainly can! Just connect Beer RAM with your social media accounts via the social tab in your settings.

Why are my ratings not displayed on the homepage?

To keep the homepage visually pleasing, we only display drinkers and beers with images. You may upload an image via the profile tab in your settings.

Is there a Beer RAM mobile app?

Why create apps that potentially leave out some users? Everyone has a mobile browser, so we have a mobile website. It's, but we'll also redirect all mobile devices.

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Beer RAM

Beer RAM is a web-based application that will help you navigate the growing craft beer market and keep track of what you’ve been drinking. Drink beer. Take notes. Share experiences.

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