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Warrenville, Illinois
United States
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After living in France, the Ebel brothers developed a passion for flavorful specialty beer. After returning to the states, they had trouble finding that type of beer in Chicago so they opened Two Brothers Brewing Company in 1996. To get them started, the brothers' grandfather, a retired dairy farmer, donated his bulk milk tanks, which were quickly converted to fermenters. Currently, the brewery resides in a 40,000 square foot facility 30 miles west of Chicago. In addition to their traditional style beers, Two Brothers Brewing Company produces many specialty beers including the Project Opus Sour series. Adjacent to the brewery, Two Brothers Tap House opened in 2008 as a restaurant which serves elevated, seasonal, and organic American pub fare. In 2011, the Ebel brothers purchased Walter Payton's Roundhouse located in Aurora, IL. The Two Brothers Roundhouse is a full service brewpub restaurant, music venue, offers banquet space for large parties and weddings and hosts the Two Brothers Cafe and Beer Bar!

Two Brothers Brewing Company's award winning products are currently available in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Iowa and Missouri.
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