Uinta Brewing Company

American-Style Black Ale
Year Round
9.2% N/A 41
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    5/5 from 2 ratings
  • Steve Steve rated Dubhe from Uinta Brewing Company A killer Black IPA. Probably my favorite style and Dubhe didn't let me down. Big piney hops, big chocolate malts, and big alcohol content.
  • BrunstuckyJoe BrunstuckyJoe rated Dubhe from Uinta Brewing Company I'd have to give this a 5 as far as black ipa's....it is the best one that i've had so far....9.2% apv....I really enjoyed this beer from Utah thru Uinta Brewing.....would definitely buy again. A+


Toasted, chocolaty dark malts align with an astronomical amount of hops.

Named Utah’s Centennial star in 1996, Dubhe illuminates the front of the big dipper from 124 light years away. Dubhe, a red giant also known as Alpha Ursae Majoris, appears orange in color and has a mass 4x that of the sun.
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