Hot Smoke Lager

Hot Smoke Lager

Wooden Legs Brewing Company

Experimental Beer (Lager or Ale)
6.2% N/A 14
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Our Hot Smoke Lager came from one too many chili tacos on a late night when our brew master was visiting the American South West.

We start classic pale ale malt but couldn't resist tossing in Munich, Crystal and a touch of toasted malt. Inspired by the European grain bill, we added a healthy share of Hallertau hops to the party.

When it comes to lager, the Germans seem to have it right so we ferment this brew with the finest strain of European yeast.

This is where things get twisted, instead of pumping this into the brite beer tanks and calling it a day, we age the beer on a bed of roasted Habaneros.

You will be pleasently supprised with how smooth and likable this beer is, up until the habaneros run into the room and smack you in the mouth with a load of capsaicin.
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