UFO Hefeweizen

UFO Hefeweizen

Harpoon Brewery

South German-Style Hefeweizen / Hefeweissbier
4.8% N/A N/A
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UFO Hefeweizen is an American unfiltered wheat beer. Perhaps UFO's initial sensory perception is also its most prominent: a cloudy golden color and a dense which has not been filtered out accounts for the cloudiness of UFO. Wheat malt tends to create a larger head than barley malt the cereal grain most often used in brewing. When served in a traditional wheat beer glass with a lemon UFO presents an appealing and distinctive visual image.

The aroma has a faint but clear citrus-like character. This is produced by the special yeast and accounts for the Bavarian tradition of serving hefeweizens with a lemon. The lemon accentuates the yeast's fruity tart fragrance. UFO has a soft mouthfeel and a refreshing light body. The wheat malts and subtle hopping give the beer a mild delicate flavor. UFO has a clean finish. Unlike some imported hefeweizens UFO does not have the spicy tropical flavors typical of European-brewed style.
The overall character is a cloudy appearance with a citrus-like aroma light body and clean finish. Serve with a lemon.
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