Sweet Spot Hefe

Sweet Spot Hefe

Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Company

South German-Style Hefeweizen / Hefeweissbier
5.5% N/A N/A
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Tooheys is a brewery in the suburb of Lidcombe, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It produces beers under the Tooheys and Hahn trademarks, and is part of the New Zealand Lion Nathan beverages group.

Toohey's dates from 1869, when John Thomas Toohey (an Irish immigrant to Melbourne) obtained his brewing license. John Thomas Toohey and his brother James Matthew ran pubs in Melbourne (The Limerick Arms and The Great Britain) before moving to Sydney in the 1860s. They commenced brewing Tooheys Tooheys Black Old Ale in a brewery in the area of present day Darling Harbour. By 1875, demand for their beer had soared and they established The Standard Brewery in inner-city Surry Hills. In 1902, the company went public as Tooheys Limited, and commenced brewing lager (the present day Tooheys New) in 1930. In 1955, the brewery moved west to Lidcombe, where it is currently sited. In 1967, Tooheys bought competitor Miller's Brewers located in Tavener's Hill, closing the brewery in 1975.
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