Old Rag Mountain Ale

Old Rag Mountain Ale

Shenandoah Brewing Company

Scottish-Style Heavy Ale
7% N/A N/A
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Scottish-style Ale Mid-Atlantic Regional and Grand Champion at the 2002 US Beer Tasting Championship! Gold Medal, 1998 World Beer Championships. Gold Medal, 1998 National Brew-on-Premise Competition. Old Rag Mountain is a heavy Scottish-style ale and is brewed with light additions of hops. The result is a sweet, malty flavor that can be enjoyed by beer lovers and those just entering into dark beers.

The popularity of this beer is greater than the dark color would lead you to believe. Since it is not heavily hopped, it is not very bitter. Therefore, a lot of people who would otherwise avoid dark beers will enjoy this beer. The alcohol content by volume is 7 percent.

If you like Old Rag Mountain Ale, check out what they say about the Oak Barrel Conditioned version (a Platinum Medal Winner!!)! After its primary fermentation, it spends six weeks aging in a former bourbon oak cask.
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