Los 4 Amigos

Los 4 Amigos

Mother Earth Brew Company

French & Belgian-Style Saison
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Los Quatros Amigos Saison – The second of two new collaboration brews from Mother Earth Brew Co. and El Perdido Tequila:

“Saison, (“season” in French), was an aptly named session-type ale named for its mild drinkability and sometimes spicy, peppery character. Originally, it was brewed for the late summer harvest for farm workers, who were entitled to up to five litres throughout the workday during harvest season. Today, it is enjoyed all around the world, throughout seasons, as a revived style, balancing a complex yeast character with mild hopiness and Pilsner malt backbone.

We collaborated with El Duende Tequila Inc. to bring a unique twist to the style; marrying the qualities of the traditional Belgian style with American hops and the unfamiliar subtleties of pure Blue Agave, lending to its beautiful bouquet and pleasant earthiness. Salude.”
Winner of a silver medal at the premier event, “Spirits of Mexico”, in Old Town, San Diego.
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