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South German-Style Hefeweizen / Hefeweissbier
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Is it a family restaurant, or a world-renowned brewery? Flossmoor Station has no identity crisis — it carries both titles with panache! Named “Best Brewery in Chicago” by Chicago Magazine (August 2002), Flossmoor Station features a gleaming glass-enclosed brewery where guests can watch how its fine handcrafted beers are made. (Tours are available upon request). The brewery has won dozens of local, national and international brewing industry honors in only ten years – a distinction not lost on micro-brew aficionados.

Some of its more notable awards include being named Best Small Brewpub and Best Small Brewpub Brewer in America at the 2006 Great American Beer FestivalTM and winning gold, silver and bronze medals. Gold and silver medals were also awarded at the 2006 World Beer Cup. In addition, Flossmoor Station Brewery consistently receives top honors and recognition from the Real Ale Festival, Festival of Barrel Aged Beers and the Chicago Beer Society.

Produced entirely on-site, Flossmoor Station Brewing Company’s beers are handcrafted from the finest ingredients available, brewed in small batches with close attention to detail, and transferred to storage tanks in Flossmoor Station’s beer cellar until its flavor is at its peak. When a customer orders a pint of beer
upstairs at the massive oak bar, that lucky patron is assured of getting the freshest pint of brew money can buy.

Eight different beers round out the selection of “The Great Eight House Beers” which are offered on a regular basis at Flossmoor Station. In addition, beer enthusiasts look forward to the “Brewmaster’s Specials” which are offered in limited batches, including some seasonal favorites. Many of the brewery’s awards have gone to these more unique concoctions which have stood up to the best beers in the world at international competitions.
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